Dan Science was established in 1959, based on specialized vacuum tube technology developed when it was a research institute. Since beginning business operations, we have accumulated a wealth of manufacturing know-how that integrates a high level of development capability, design technology, and production technology. With a research and development-oriented policy, we have aimed to create production equipment that suits the needs of a new era.

Dan Science takes a very broad view of the future in the technologically innovative and significant electronics industry, and has continued to create new products infused with the spirit of development, with a particular focus on cleaning technology, purification technology, and measurement technology. Furthermore, in the semiconductor and liquid crystal industries, which rely on advanced micro-fabrication technology, there is strong demand for increased efficiency and reliability of manufacturing equipment and measuring instruments, as well as anti-dust measures during operation. To create these types of products, we have focused on the manufacturing environment and equipment. Our factories perform consistent operations ranging from manufacturing of ultra-cleaning equipment, vacuum cleaning equipment, and vacuum equipment to verification in the cleaning environment.

Dan Science manufactures products that are appreciated in the industry. With a company philosophy that aims to contribute to society, we are striving to develop science, technology and expertise, and each company member is working hard toward the goal of becoming a more transparent and robust company.